Monday, May 12, 2008

Miley Cyrus makes Time's top 100 most influential people...WTF???

I have been a pretty loyal reader of time for most of my life but lately I feel Time is losing its edge.

A case in point was when I found Miley Cyrus' grinning at me from the midst of Time's top 100 most influential say that I was flabbergasted would be a gross understatement.

You see, my problem is really two-fold:

1.) Why on earth would Time take up a spot on their top 100 for a 15 year-old teenager who can't really sing- shouldn't they have given that spot to someone more deserving? This is an obvious gripe which I feel will be shared by many.


2.) What the hell is dear little Miley Cyrus got to live for now? Lets take stock of this teen's life: She adored by millions of little girls who look up to her as their "big sister" - she has lucrative recording deals and a seemingly permanaent spot on the Disney Channel's line-up - PLUS: she makes it to Time's top 100 most influential people!

My point is that she has already achieved more than what many entertainers only dream about doing and never even get close to in their entire lifetimes.

So what is going to happen to little Miley when her audience grows up, let alone what more can she possibly hope to achieve in her professional life? That was the one redeeming thing about the article written about her in Time- Donny Osmond said that she will need to re-invent herself or sink into obscurity by the time she is 20.

In short she could either turn out to be a Madonna and still be around when my kids are in their 20s...or turn into another Britney Spears- alone, troubled and seen as nothing more than a washed up singer.

The next question is whether or not she has the talent to re-invent herself (or any talent at all) and if her rise to fame was only to get daddy Cyrus a second chance at being famous.

You can read the offending article in the latest copy of Time or just click here!


TashJoeZA said...

Perhaps they've listed her because she is such a powerful example of what branding can achieve? She's been catapulted to super-stardom in such a short space of time, and there's this incredible empire being built up around her. It's an alarming example of what good marketing can achieve, and how a brand can become a superstar. In that way, the tag "influential" is appropriate - whether it's her individually or the promotions machine she has amassed around her. Just a thought :)

Peter Barlow said...

Hi Tash! :-)

Yes, I suppose it is the power of marketing...still, I can't help feeling sorry for her in a way! :-P