Thursday, February 01, 2007

Here comes the new academic year

Sorry for all of you who have already gone back to varsity/are working etc- I only start on the 12th of Feb! ;-)

As the Chinese curse goes: "may you live in interesting times" and this year is sure to be interesting.

Nevertheless, I am excited, what with Captivate, 4th year, the subject I am taking to make up my half credit (the subject is not particularly exciting but finally getting that credit is!) and a few potential job opportunities which might be coming my way its looking good at the moment!

A few blogging resolutions:
1.) I am going to start talking a lot more about design and layout of publications I consume, thus making it truly into "a designer's ramblings".
2.) I am going to be posting my J4 design projects up on the blog for comment! Please feel free to do so! :-)
3.) I shall continue to use this blog to post PERSONAL opinions as we as the opinions of others (please note that this blog is my personal space and I will say just about whatever I damn well please if I believe in it- if you have a problem with what I am saying then you can comment- otherwise hold your peace)
4.) I will blog more!!!! I promise!

Peace outside!