Wednesday, May 02, 2007

So its been a while...

Right then, so its been a while since I blogged!

Time is an issue in my life these days and no, I don't make time to blog anymore- evidently.

My life over these past few months has been pretty busy. 4th year is great but Brian turns the heat up under us regularly and so we are always kept hopping up and down from one project to the next. So far this year we have: Designed logotypes for ourselves, re-designed Sci-Cue and then laid it out in shifts for a week (I had to distribute every was fun, NOT!), learnt how to use Illustrator (VERY cool program) and designed an ad using that, endured crit sessions for our 120 page magazine cover and done audience research for them, we had a visiting lecturer, Nick Lamond, who was at Rhodes in 2000 and who is a magazine fundi of note- just returned from Australia to do his MBA at UCT- lectured to us on magazines etc for 2 days and we have just finished designing a poster for Shakespeare SA- the best poster wins cash so I am holding thumbs, next up is a poster for the Schools Fest happening here in July, also for cash whoo hoo!

Well, that doesn't sound like mush but believe me it has taken up LOTS of time over the past few months...

Other stuff I have done: House sat the VC's house...for some extra cash- doing it again for 13 days from Friday (a tidy sum coming my way), went back home for the long weekend to go and get an American Visa as Jen and I are going to NY in June! (Jen is speaking at a children's literature conference and I am meeting her after that for a week of exploring NY VERY EXCITED!)

Well, thats my past few months in a nut shell...

I am sure I have left things out but hey.

I recently bought the latest SL and saw that Natalie Dixon is leaving!! My next blog will definitely be about that...see you next time!