Sunday, October 21, 2007

Using the web to put yourself out there

********UPDATE********* has got 20% off a lite portie till the end of the month...dammit why didnt I see this when I registered lol

click here to read about it!

Ok I am going to shamelessly punt a website now:

Today I got my first freelance job....

How you may ask?

I created an account on and paid R450 for a 6-month "lite" subscription (I still need to upload a portfolio though).

Lo and behold a week later a guy gives me a call and wants me to do a job for him which I can earn enough to pay off that R450 bucks and page a tidy profit!

Yay for me!

Freelancentral also has categories for writers and photographers and for just R450 for 6 months (I have already gotten 36 profile views and 1 job in the week my account has been live!) you can get enough cash to pay that back and then some! - give it whirl, put yourselves out there!!

punt over!

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