Wednesday, May 14, 2008 Join up!

So there I was...minding my own business and busy whittling away the hours on Facebook when a friend of mine, Bryan Vlok, changes his status to "Bryan is launching" so being the curious type of chap I am I amble over to the site and fill in all my details and whatnot and blam I realise I am staring at greatness....

Why do I say that? Well, I usually think an idea is good if it is clever...but I think an idea is GREAT when I have a "why didn't I think of that moment" the kind I had about 5 minutes ago.

The site is rough and needs work but the idea behind it is spectacular and simple. But I urge you to bear with it and fill out the details, get the registration email and click on the "about us" link once you have activated your account!

Watch adverts and then fill out questionnaires about them...then get rewarded for doing so. Now I know that the internet is awash with similar ventures but the ones I have come across have always been dodgy, bland and don't even get to watch anything.

The reward is practical at least- no banking details required even! Instead all you need do is get a Pick 'n Pay gift card and enter the 16 digit number found on the back into your site profile. Then every time you watch an advert and fill out the questions that come with it you will be given a certain amount of credit on this card!

Genius. Pure genius.

I am sorry if you web 2.0 types are all saying "seen it already" but I haven't ok? this is new for me...this is interesting for me and I believe that with the right amount of support this can work out to be great for everyone...

And lord knows I need help with the grocery bill!

So you web 2.0 types, you know who you are! Go and rain on someone else's parade! There are still boundaries to be pushed on the web...there are still good ideas out there, even if they have been done somewhere else, they haven't been done here.

Now go and register mense!

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