Friday, December 29, 2006

Its been a long road

....but I am finally there. Confirmation came through that I was into 4th year a while back but in the excitement I just havent found the time to blog about it!

I am happy but also sad- one of my good friends in my class didnt make the cut. She will be finishing her degree in Joburg and I probably wont see her again for a long time. Take care Tinks if you are reading this- its the Journ School's loss, not yours.

So the email I have been waiting 3 years for:

Re: Confirmation of acceptance for JMS 4 in 2007

Dear Peter

It is with pleasure that I write to inform you that your provisional
acceptance for Journalism and Media Studies 4, in 2007 has been confirmed by
the JMS 4 Board and by Faculty.

If you will not be taking up this position, please let me know as soon as

The university's academic registration for fourth years will be on Saturday
10 February and you will be required to attend a short orientation meeting
of all JMS 4 students on Monday 12 February in the Fine Art Sculpture
lecture theatre (near the AMM building) starting at 9.00am. (Please note
that some specialisations may have an earlier starting date than this.)

We will use this meeting to register you with the department, so please
bring a passport-sized photograph of yourself.

Please note that for JMS 4, teaching continues into both June and November
swot weeks. Also, individual specialisations may require that you remain at
university during all or part of the University vacations. Please check with
your specialisation lecturers to confirm when you will be required to be at

We look forward to working with you next year. In the mean time, we hope
that you have a safe and restful vacation.

Yours sincerely,


Brian Garman
JMS 4 Coordinator
School of Journalism & Media Studies

Call me crazy but 4th year was what I signed on to do...BJourn is what I am at Rhodes to do and now I am finally there...all the way from Carol Christie and the history of the printing press in first year, my first journ course and surprisingly not my most boring one. Angelo Fick and his high brow lectures in 2nd year (where he wrote a speech for the last lecture crapping on all of us in his own way and some of the poppies in the class applauded him because they actually didn't know what he was saying) and Rod Amner's groundbreaking and highly confusing course in 3rd year- good luck with that one Rod, good luck (I did lots of other courses in the 3 years I have been doing journ but these ones stood out for me).


I think its only beginning to sink in now my friends!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I meant to blog about this ages ago...

I have been using bloglines for a while- after Gregor put me onto it when I said that I go through my blogroll every morning when I get up...but with bloglines you don't have to cos you are monitoring the feed of that blog, site etc...

What a great little app- all you need to do is download the bloglines notifier and subscribe to the feeds from the sites you want it to monitor.

The hollidays and exam results

So I have been on holliday for a week and a bit....

I have gotten zero done yet...but there is still plenty of time I suppose. Results come out either tomorrow or Friday, I am quite scared to be perfectly honest.

More on that when the results come...or is the varsity going to make us wait fucking ages like they did the last time?