Tuesday, November 28, 2006

At least I got over 60%....

I suppose I should count my blessings...I got my marks back for my design portfolio and got 63%- 3% above the hallowed cut-off mark...possibly one of the lowest marks in the class if not the lowest. I feel like crap but sadly cant go to pieces emotionally and mentally yet as I have the all important Journalism exam tomorrow...I guess this is a feeble attempt to gain sympathy dear readers, but I can say that it was all my fault for getting such a dismal mark.

what probably stung most was the cutting down of most of the marks I got for my assignments by the external examiner...what a cowardly but necessary person an external examiner is- I mean, Simon and Casper were the ones who actually had to debrief me on my portfolio mark.

I just hope that my theory mark gives me over 60% overall so that I can get through to 4th year and try and salvage what dignity I have left- must start setting myself some goals now.

boo hoo for me...goodbye for now.


Nic said...

Ah Pete,

You know its never as much of a mark thing to get in to the next year, they consider the person. You'll be fine, at least you did get a mark above the cut off. Goodluck for journ. sure your ontop of that shit.

Elle said...

oh Peter, don't worry so much, you will do just fine! I am terribly sorry that the design work you did for my movie can't count :(... and Nic's right, they are not just considering your marks, your dedication and ethusiaism also counts. Good luck for the paper!