Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The South African National Student Editor's Forum

I have recently been appointed as the organiser and convener of the 2007 Captivate Student Media Conference. One of the ways I want to begin to craft a vision for the conference is by hearing from those who were there this year and what improvements can be made over and above my own thoughts for how the conference should be run.

To this end Gregor, Carly and I have launched an online forum powered by Jo's Toolkit as a starting point for discussions, not only about the conference and its future, but also about the state of student media in South Africa today.

I am hoping that in the next few weeks we will see most of the editors from the campus media around the country sign up and start giving us their input.


TiggerTash said...

And one day I can say, "I knew him when he was a dodgy student!" :P

Looking forward to seeing this initiative take off. Are old grouchy not-editors allowed to comment, or should I go and mutter in my beer and mail you rude things instead?

Peter Barlow said...

hehe, of course ex-student editors are allowed to comment! After all, you have been there and gotten the T-shirt and thats what counts, even if you do seem a bit old and grouchy sometimes (but not always) ;-)